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The Unity Movement connects young people with opportunities to transform their lives. Through our experience and partnerships, we continue to drive positive change for young people. We also enable people to showcase their talent, discover and stay connected in a positive, healthy and creative way. Moreover, we are expanding beyond just talk show.


“Working together to build a better nation.”


“Hatred doesn’t build the future, but hope does.”


“Where there is unity, there is always victory.”



  • Aim to inspire the world through the unity of cultural diversity


  • Promote unity, rights and wellbeing of the nation through the power of arts, music and entertainment
  • To empower change makers to innovate and take action within the community
  • Guide and prepare young leaders in our society that young people can look up to and develop the youth in uplifting, solving current and future dilemmas of the government
  • To foster an inclusive community of hope for the youth
  • Drive global influence through the unity movement 


Our core values comprise of:

  • Unity in Diversity 
  • Respect
  • Aspiration
  • Leadership 
  • Integrity 
  • Teamwork 
  • Creativity & Passion


With a small team of 15 talented individuals from various backgrounds and skills, The Unity Movement is a mere non-partisan, non-organizational group established to promote unity, rights, and wellbeing of the people in Malaysia through the power of arts, music, dance, and in everything we are passionate about.

Our Unity Movement kickstarted with an unprecedented Unity Tour with 3 buses going across the state of Sabah, to mark a hopeful beginning. It was one helluva journey where our #UnitySquad was collecting the voices of #AnakSabah at every pit stop while still spreading Love not hate, Unity not division.

Send us an email at hope@theunityshow.com to join our movement!


Moving forward, with the launching of our Unity Channel, we hope to drive global influence and empower change-makers to innovate and take action within the community. The Unity Show is a spinoff from the recent Unity Movement (Tour) that strives to unite the nation of our generation. Our mission is to Unite every Malaysian regardless of their political ideology, race, or religion to come as one to spread HOPE not hate, UNITY not division. As we know it, Unity is what makes Malaysia strong.

Aired live on Facebook and Instagram every Wednesday at 9:00 PM, anchored by Elaine Audrey and Ainee Suhaidi, The Unity Show features interviews with politicians from both parties, celebrities, interesting personalities, and talented individuals to UNITE and spread HOPE to the country.

Our work is fuelled by the belief that young women and men everywhere possess dreams, ambition, and the same spark of potential. However, we also know that opportunities are not equitably distributed. Rooted in the belief of youth as problem-solvers, change-makers, and leaders, our initiatives are catalysts for change. We provide a platform and opportunity for youths to transform lives, together.

To sum it all up, the tour was our chance to heed that moment and to answer that call. To remind our people the importance of Unity, to restore Hope and to conquer hate, to reaffirm that fundamental truth that out of many, we are one and where we are met with cynicism and doubts. We very much value teamwork as we strongly believe that it takes every single individual in our team to pull everything together.

Building the right team and nurturing the bond helps form a mutual long-term relationship. And we are already working on one of them: building a strong and competent team to empower the Malaysian youths and to continue to #SpreadTheFaith.

It doesn’t take professionals to build a Nation. It takes all of us no matter where you are and what career position you hold. We’re all in this together. We build this Nation together.

Progress often comes in small increments. But we should always believe that ordinary people like us can still achieve extraordinary things for our country when we rise as one.

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