About The Show

With 1.5 million viewers from our debut season, The Unity Show returns with a significant transformation, showcasing our refreshed concept and branding.

As the community is rapidly growing, it only made sense to simultaneously move the brand forward, in order to reflect who they are today, whilst still holding their core values and vision.

The new series will shift onto an array of spectrums, focusing on social wellbeing, climate change, sustainability and most importantly, the controversial Cannabidiol (CBD).

On Season 2, Ainee Suhaidi will continue to showcase her entertaining personality and distinctive sense of humour to the show. The Unity Show is a reflection of Ainee’s uniquely frank and honest perspective, discussing current social and environmental issues with her guest of honours.

Our all-new season will feature a 30-minute talk show alternating with a newly introduced 20-minute Vlog segment, “imagine THIS!”, which showcases brands and companies in their effort to ensure maximum environmental initiatives.

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